About Us

Niesha Slaughter, Founder and Owner of The Difference Boutique: Since high school, I had the dream of one day owning a boutique clothing company. Although I didn’t have the knowledge, training, or experience, I didn’t let anything deter me. In 2011, during my senior year at North Carolina Agricultural & State University, I founded The Difference Vintage. I needed assistance launching the company, so I sought fashion design majors to help me revamp hand-picked vintage items and prepare them for sale. From there, The Difference Vintage expanded beyond simply vintage clothes. Seeing as these were available in one size only, we sourced new inventory, and decided and new name, The Difference Boutique, was a better fit. 

The Difference Boutique was a better match because it allowed us to offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to our customers. Each item is hand-picked for its uniqueness and we want each of our customers to find their own style in how they wear our pieces. I understood their needs. Being 4’10, I was always a bit different, but I didn’t let that stop me from finding my confidence through my distinct style. Now, I’m sharing that mission, and providing the styles customers need to feel confident, fashionable, and 100% themselves. 



I am hands on with every aspect of the business. From pop-up shops to fashion shows, I want to be a part of it all. I love to keep learning and expanding my knowledge so I can offer you better products. The Difference Boutique is located in Washington, DC and proudly serve the metropolitan surrounding areas. We are continuously growing our brand and are very thankful for each of our customers and potential customers learning about us for the first time. We hope to see you soon!